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The Mediterrean and dalmatian diet is said to be the world's famous diet and considered as the best by many for the health of individuals, particulary in maintaining a healthy heart and blood vessels. It abounds in fresh, seasonal vegetables, fruit and juices as well as unforgettable mediterrenean aromas – many of which come form the stunning Neretva valley only a couple of kilometers away. Specific food in dalmatian diet certainly are fish and seefood, olive oil as a substitute for fat, green leafy vegetables, sauces with olive oil and garlic, basil, rosemary and different herbs. Consumption of one glass of wine per meal is recommended as well and we have several Vineyards and Wineries also in the locality creating delicious local wines – these can be visited on your trip. In our Restaurant we do not only prepare tasty food, but we also try to help our guests to discover food that is the most compatible for them. Dalmatian way of preparing food should not just be for a short period of eating healthy while you are on your holidays, it should also be adopted as your new lifestyle we hope. For those who are not so keen about this way of eating we have other options and our Chef can also prepare delicious meals according to the famous european and world recipes. For everyone who enjoys it, there is a possibility of listening to dalmatian night singers and dancing at night-time after a meal.




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